Wiz Khalifa/Taylor Gang

Wiz Khalifaphoto © 2010 Joshua Drakes | more info (via: Wylio)

“Did you know that your child could be in a gang and you don’t even know it?” If you don’t know the hip hop artist Wiz Khalifa you might want to do some research about him and see what he might be doing to your child if they are acting different.Taylor Gang is any popular gang right now.

I don’t know why everybody trying to clam that are in Taylor Gang. I bet you 9times out of 10 if your parents knew about what Taylor Gang is you wouldn’t be in it..I don’t think it’s cute to be saying  you in Taylor Gang because you really not Wiz Khalifa started this and I think it has a big impack on the kids now a days. Taylor Gang has little sayings like Taylor Gang or Die. First of all why in the world  would you want to die over a gang that ain’t going to get you nowhere in life you can’t get a degree for being in this gang and it ain’t going to make you sucssesful in life.

For thoses of you that don’t understand what Taylor Gang is will I researched what is Taylor Gang ? I found this website and it told me what it was it said that Taylor Gang is a lifestyle and associated with the famous chuck Taylor Shoes. Okay so right there that tells you that’s kind of a crazy reason to be in a gang over some shoes.(“WizKhalifa.org TalyorGangOverEverything”).

There’s different things that Wiz Khalifa looks for to tell if you are in Taylor Gang.  Some ways someone can tell if they are in Taylor Gang is tattoo your body at least 3/4, you can spit the anthem three times a day (a song), rock shirts from hot topic,  finish the phrase Taylor Gang or Die,Team up against odd futures,Leave the nike’s in the closet and wear Converses,Wear high top socks,Plan to celebrate march 29 like 4/20,Can spot a Taylor Gang member from across the room.(“10 ways to Identify a Member of Wiz Khalifa”s Taylor Gang [Feature]”).

That’s some of the thing Wiz looks for to let him know that you are in Taylor Gang or not. Today I see people doing almost half of this. I see some of this going on in my school but I bet if you walked up to them and asked them if they are in Taylor Gang they going to say yes to a student but not a teacher because they know they might get into trouble. But to be honest all gangs should stop it’s not cool at all you just hurting your ownself  you could be getting an education instead you running out here in the streets doing this crazy stuff.

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Disease Unit

January 12,2011 there was an earthquake in  Haiti. My team and I went traveling there trying to help the people that got infected with Cholera.It’s an Bacterial disease that comes from drinking dirty water or eating contaminated foods.Research show that 4,672 people have died from and 252,640 cases have been reported.The symptoms are watery diarrhea,vomiting are the main signs Cholera can be treated with Antibiotics if it’s a server disease after taking the Antibiotics they should be good as new in a couple day’s or weeks

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There’s a girl that likes this boy.She doesn’t know how to tell him.All these what if questions are running through her head.She talks to one of her close friends and she tells her to tell him how you feel. She’s so scared because she doesn’t want to get her heartbroken.One day she decides to write a letter and give it to him.

The Letter….

Well I don’t know how to start this off about how I  feel about you  it’s kinda hard for me to tell you.Normally I don’t tell people how I feel I just hold things in.But I really,really like you..

From.The Girl

He takes the letter and her friend trys to talk to him and get them to date.Well as the days go by the boy never replys and the girl moves on with her life..So some weeks or months go by and one day they happen to run into each other in the hallway at school it’s seems he’s been going around school telling people we went out the girl had no idea at all she was lost and confused and didn’t know what to say for herself  but WE DID!!! (In Shock) the boy says yes…the girl still was lost and confused then she say’s okay I remember to try and play it off the make him look good. But as the went there sepreate ways it all comes back to the girl and she is thinking well maybe we did go out but I just can’t remember. The girl was kinda happy.Her feelings grew for him as she went on with her life and she didn’t know what type of feelings she was having because it was a crazy one and it was very unusual for her.Well from then on they have been talking  for a long time.They have there ups and downs but in the end they still cool.In my heartphoto © 2007 Roman Gomez | more info (via: Wylio)

How To Not Bug Me!!!!!

How Not To Bug Me!!!!!!

Well My Name Is Tamera  and I go to Kannapolis Middle School. The most thing that bugs me is when somebody is always in your business, always asking you questions, getting on your nerves almost everyday. I know what they doing they just do it to make me mad the they start to asking me what’s wrong. Don’t ask me what’s wrong because you probably all ready know. So I’m going to let you know what bugs me.

1.Always in my business

2.Always trying to talk to me after you made me mad

3.Always asking me how my day is going

4.Always asking me what I’m talking about when it has nothing to do with you

How Not to Bug Me

1.If you see that I’ve had a bad day then leave me alone

2.If I’m not talking to you then you shouldn’t worry about what I’m saying

3.Say hey to me in the morning then leave me alone for the rest of the day if you one of them people I don’t like.

 That’s what you have to do and If you stay under these rules you will be okay we will have no problems but once you start to slip you might get blanked on. But it’s not my fault you made me mad. So I had to do what I had to do. But this is why some people get into fights because they so noisy and they ran and tell stuff that wasn’t even said. (ugh)

Being 14


Being 14

 Is hard because friends come and they go

can’t really be yourself

people get jealous of the way you look or act

they always hatin about the things you do


Being 14

about to be going to highschool

don’t seem like you got them many more

years to go and graduate


Being 14

your parents are less hard on you

get to got to places without your parents

being without them

I Hate Lafenzo


I Hate Lafenzo he thinks he’s better then me,

I Hate Lafenzo he always gives me a dirty look like i’m no good,

I Hate Lafenzo he’s always mean to me,

I Hate Lafenzo.

Reflection on Parentsupervision

I think parents should watch what there kids are doing on the internet and  i think  they should have passwords to people stuff and on top of that give them a break to because you will know when something is going wrong because it will either end up in school and somebody getting hurt or somebody saying something about it.

My Opinion on CyberBullying

span id=”wylio-flickr-image-2512997167″ style=”display:block;line-height:15px;width:261px;padding:0;margin:0 10px;position:relative;float:left;”>bullying-739607photo © 2008 Pimkie | more info (via: Wylio)
CyberBullying .Why do it? It only hurts people’s feelings and on top of that you put it on the internet for everybody to see. My  question about this whole thing is why would act all hard online but when it comes to you really seeing the person you shy away don’t stop it because you in person with the that person you wasn’t thinking about that when  you was online talking all that junk. I have seen this happen many of times still up to this day people be talking mad junk but then when you get to school our you see them out somewhere they say nothing because they know that there wrong for doing such silly little things like that. That’s why it’s called CyberBullying because  they only do it on the computer and not in person and it makes me so sick .I have an quote that goes along with what i’m talking about( If you wouldn’t say it to thier face why would you say it online or other social networks!) from heather….Why stop now Ohhh i know why they don’t do it in school because they know they will get  into big trouble..all i have to say is Grow up and stop all this CyberBullying..